UserProfiles are "saved state" of a User that can be restored to later resume a session.

UserProfiles enable you to capture the full browser state of a user after performing a series of activities. You might use this to:

  • resume the state of a "logged-in" user
  • accumulate "usage" behavior for an ongoing profile
  • share browser profiles between Agent instances running on different machines


This "state" is not instantiated, but retrieved from an Agent instance: agent.exportUserProfile().

State is stored for all domains (origins) that are loaded into a window at the time of export. The exported state is JSON with additional type information for IndexedDB complex objects.

When you restore a UserProfile, SecretAgent will restore the Cookies, Dom Storage and IndexedDB records for all domains that are included in the state.

await agent.goto('');
const theStoredProfile = await agent.exportUserProfile();

// ... some time later...

// This browser will be instantiated with all the cookies
// dom storage, etc from the prior session.

const agentWithProfile = await handler.createAgent({
  userProfile: theStoredProfile,



Cookies for all loaded "origins" for the browsing session.


An object with a key for each "security origin" of a page, and value all the associated DomStorage.

A DomStorage object contains:

  • localStorage [key,value][]. The window.localStorage entries for a given domain.
  • sessionStorage [key,value][]. The window.sessionStorage entries for a given domain.
  • indexedDB IndexedDB[]. An array of the indexedDB databases for a given domain with records stored as typeson.

Type: object { [origin: string]: DomStorage }

  • key string. The "security origin" of a page or iFrame as defined by Chrome.
  • value DomStorage. The DomStorage entry for the given origin.

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