SecretAgent operates out of the box over WebSockets. You'll eventually want to launch Core on a server where clients can remotely access it.

You'll need a simple script to start the server on the machine where the secret-agent npm package is installed. Make sure to open the port you allocate on any firewall that a client might have to pass through:

Setting Up a Server Process

Below is code you can use to start Core in your own server process. NOTE: you can also simply run the 'start.js' script that is packaged with @secret-agent/core at @secret-agent/core/start;

// SERVER ip is
const Core = require('@secret-agent/core');

(async () => {
  Core.onShutdown = () => {'Exiting Core Process');
  await Core.start({ coreServerPort: 7007 });

Setting Up the Client

Your Agent or Handler must be configured to point at this Remote Core (and any others you've set up).

NOTE: you can use the @secret-agent/client npm package if you don't want to install a full browser engine on the machine coordinating all your scrapes. That example is shown below.

const agent = require('@secret-agent/client');

(async () => {
  await agent.configure({
    connectionToCore: {
      host: 'localhost:7007',

  await agent.goto('');

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