UserProfiles are "saved state" of a User that can be restored to later resume a session.

UserProfiles enable you to capture the full browser state of a user after performing a series of activities. You might use this to:

  • resume the state of a "logged-in" user
  • accumulate "usage" behavior for an ongoing profile
  • share browser profiles between Agent instances running on different machines


This "state" is not instantiated, but retrieved from an Agent instance: agent.exportUserProfile().

State is stored for all domains (origins) that are loaded into a window at the time of export. The exported state is JSON with additional type information for IndexedDB complex objects.

When you restore a UserProfile, SecretAgent will restore the Cookies, Dom Storage and IndexedDB records for all domains that are included in the state.

await agent.goto('');
const theStoredProfile = await agent.exportUserProfile();

// ... some time later...

// This browser will be instantiated with all the cookies
// dom storage, etc from the prior session.

const agentWithProfile = await handler.createAgent({
  userProfile: theStoredProfile,



Cookies for all loaded "origins" for the browsing session.


An object containing hardware device properties emulated in this userProfile like memory and gpu information.

Type: object

  • deviceMemory number. The amount of memory specified for this machine
  • webGlParameters object. Key value of WebGlParameters to override (ie, { 37445: 'WebGl Vendor' })
  • videoDevice object { deviceId: string, groupId: string }. A video device to emulate if none is present, such as on a headless server.


An object with a key for each "security origin" of a page, and value all the associated DomStorage.

A DomStorage object contains:

  • localStorage [key,value][]. The window.localStorage entries for a given domain.
  • sessionStorage [key,value][]. The window.sessionStorage entries for a given domain.
  • indexedDB IndexedDB[]. An array of the indexedDB databases for a given domain with records stored as typeson.

Type: object { [origin: string]: DomStorage }

  • key string. The "security origin" of a page or iFrame as defined by Chrome.
  • value DomStorage. The DomStorage entry for the given origin.


The user agent used in this profile. Many sites that track user fingerprint information track the useragent information and expect it to remain the same. You can still override this (eg, to update a browser version) by overriding the userAgent parameter when constructing a new Agent.

Type string

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