How to contribute

SecretAgent is an open-source project built by core maintainers and contributors. We want to make it easy for anyone to participate. Contribute to core, build plugins, improve documentation or write a blog post. It all helps SecretAgent on its mission to keep the web open for innovation.

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Contributing to the Code

SecretAgent uses a monorepo pattern to manage its dependencies and core plugins. To contribute, you'll probably want to to setup the SecretAgent repository locally.

Setting Up the SecretAgent Repository

Install Node.js 8.3 or higher and Yarn.

  1. Clone the repository.

To use @secret-agent/cli in the repo as a global command. Enter the ~/packages/cli folder and run npm link.

Yarn will add dependencies from your test projects to the root yarn.lock file. So you should not commit changes in that file unless you have added dependencies to any of the core packages. If you need to commit it, remove your projects from the ~/projects folder temporary and run yarn in the root folder. Yarn will then clean up the lock file with only core dependencies. Commit the file and move your projects back and run yarn again to start developing.

Contributing to the docs

We are a strong believer that documentation is very important for any open-source projects. SecretAgent uses Gridsome for its website and documentation.

  1. If you want to add/modify any SecretAgent documentation, go to the docs folder on GitHub and use the file editor to edit and then preview your changes.
  2. GitHub then allows you to commit the change and raise a PR right in the UI. This is the easiest way you can contribute to SecretAgent!

You can also clone the SecretAgent repo and work locally on documentation.

Contributing to the blog

Coming soon...

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